A Day of Decades

A Look into Strongsville’s Spirit Week

Luis Martsolf, Writer


     Strongsville spirit week did not disappoint with creative looks being put on display throughout the school. I was able to interview and discuss with some students their thought process behind fitting the theme and interpreting what dressing in decades means to them. 

     What influences the fashion in Strongsville on a day of decades? The focus is to emphasize the fashion culture of a certain era. In order to look fashionable according to their chosen decade, students were able to take some of their own clothes and put a generational spin on how they were worn. Certain articles of clothing were restyled and worn in new ways to help resemble the decade they were trying to achieve. The trends and looks from decade to decade change with the times. However, Strongsville teens were able to transform apparel from the 21st era into pieces from the past.

     Tanya Elasmar, Junior, talked about the inspiration behind her outfit and what decades influenced the look. “I got inspiration from the ’90s, mainly female hip hop inspo,” Tanya says. 

     As high schooler students in today’s age, we are able to absorb media and pop influence from any time today through the ’60s. I can pull inspiration from any era and turn it into my own creative output.  

     We’ve heard of all the questionable fashion trends of the ’80s from our parents, although some have spun back in full effect. “Everything is thrifted and straight from my straight dad’s closet,” Tanya answered. 

     How do certain decades relate to our current looks? Students must determine which throwback style suits them best. “I did have a few options of different decades I could do but this one kind of suited me the most and I thought I could execute it the cutest”, Tanya replied. 

     I am often reminded of different decades through figures that I am influenced by. Athletes, artists, musicians and more shape the culture of their time period. Frequently, I find myself looking back to the ’90s, in particular the push towards creative and cultural diversity, shown through musicians like N.W.A and streetwear brands like Stussy. When asked which creatives from the past are still influencing the culture today? Tanya added, “I’m gonna go with Lauryn Hill because she influenced rap especially for females, while having a really good style.” 

     Junior, Andrew Hoover, dripped out for Decades Day. Highlighting some iconic looks from his chosen era “Around early 2000’s” Hoover answered. He used some of his own clothes in new ways to create a unique look. “I’m wearing a dodgers hat with a black bandana underneath, express sunglasses, blue checkered dress shirt with some 2009 Nike dunk high “skate mentals” and khaki shorts”. This fit emphasized the laid-back and baggy look from the early 2000s, seen as nostalgic for many today. “I just chose the early 2000’s because it was the easiest thing I could find honestly so it all came together.”

     Overall, it seems that between a mix of cultural influence and the depths of parents’ closets, students were able to put together an outfit that resembled what certain generations meant to them. Student outfits give a look into their personality and unique perspective on fashion from the past. Whether it’s ’70s spunk or 2000s alternative, each individual has their own personal preferences. Not only in fashion, but in the culture and history of each era and what it means to them.