The Lady Mustangs’ Battle to Regionals

Julia Isham, Journalist

     The Lady Mustangs have rounded out their season at Regionals in the postseason. They fought hard against the very solid Brunswick team during the District game on October 28 and came out with a 1-0 win, which advanced them onto the Regional Semifinal. 

     When asked about how it felt to win Districts, Haley Hightower (junior) stated, “We were definitely super happy to win districts, we were playing Brunswick so we knew it was going to be a tough game because they are a really good team, but we just stayed focused and did what we had to do to win. After Coley scored the winning goal we were all so happy and then we won the game and it was just a really great feeling knowing that we would be advancing to the Regional Semifinals.” 

     The girls definitely put their hearts and souls into the game and left it all on the field. They also stayed focused during training and treated every game seriously. Coley Siloski (senior and OSU commit) stated, “We took our season one game at a time and never looked forward more than that. Throughout the whole season, we were locked in, not just during the tournament. We knew that every single team we faced would be challenging.” 

     Their determination and focus are what advanced them to Regionals. During the Regional Semifinal game against Anthony Wayne High School, the girls played with everything they had, but they lost 4-0. Taylor Dermerlee (junior), a stellar player who has unfortunately been injured during the season, was asked about the loss and if it made the team closer and stronger. She responded, “The loss at Regionals definitely made us realize how close we all truly were. Throughout the season we had such a good bond with each other and after the Regional game, we realized that this team really felt like a family. We’ve been there for each other so much throughout the season and after the loss, we were able to comfort each other, especially with our seniors.” 

     Demerlee has not been able to assist her team on the field this season but she was there for them on the sidelines, helping push the girls through the game and tough situations with her cheering. She is determined to come back stronger next season.

     Each girl had a favorite memory of the season. Sidloski explained, “My favorite memory from this season was definitely the locker room before our game against Mason. There was a weather delay for about two hours and both teams were just sitting in their designated locker rooms and we started playing “Hotel Room Service” by Pitbull and the other team heard us singing and dancing and joined in on our fun. It was such a fun experience meeting the girls and getting to sing and dance with them outside of the game.” 

     The girls battled to the Regional Semifinals through hard work, determination and a little bit of Mr.WorldWide. We can’t wait to see the girls destroy the competition next year, and we wish the best of luck to the seniors.