Strongsville Gymnastics State Qualifier: Gianna Upchurch

    Gianna Upchurch is admired for her incredible contribution to the Strongsville High School Gymnastics team. She continuously puts in the work at practice, motivates her teammates, and is a role model for all athletes both on and off the court. She stands out because of her commitment and determination to win what she deserves. She started gymnastics at the young age of 2 and has 11 seasons under her belt. Now a freshman, she was selected to represent SHS at the GCC championships on February 26, 2022. While there, her nerves were low due to all of the support she received while competing and her faith in herself to perform well. Gianna then went on to perform a flawless floor routine stunning the judges and winning 1st place. And that’s not even her favorite event! AMAZING! She dedicates her accomplishments to her incredible teammates who traveled down to Columbus to support her. She especially gives thanks to her idol, Brooke Zellers for her continuous support and guidance which has helped Gianna develop into the athlete she is today. She advises the upcoming gymnasts to always take care of their bodies after events and learn under a mentor who pushes them to get the outcome they desire. Through these gymnasts, Gianna’s great accomplishments will always be remembered, as they pull from her strength and determination.