Miss Mustang Petition

Isaac Zabarsky, Journalist

    It takes a lot of commitment to create a lip-sync video and perform a talent in front of the entire school, but that is what candidates must go through to run for the glorious title of Mr Mustang. While this opportunity has only ever been offered to males, there are a fair number of female students who would love to have the same experience. Maya Elmouhawesse is one of these female students, and has started a petition for a corresponding “Miss Mustang” competition. 

    Maya’s vision is to have a separate competition for girls called “Miss Mustang” that mirrors Mr. Mustang. Girls would go through the same rounds as guys do for Mr. Mustang: change wars, lip-sync videos, and the talent show. Additionally, the funds collected from the change wars would also go to a charity of the winner’s choice. After all, this is the primary benefit of the Mr Mustang contest. Maya explains, “At the end of this, it’s about the charity and picking one charity that the individual cares about.” By having another competition, Strongsville High School will not only have TWO charities receive major donations, but will also provide its students with twice the entertainment. 

    The main reason that Maya is starting this proposal is to promote gender rights and equality. In the past century, many women have become empowered to seize opportunities that were previously offered solely to males, breaking the so-called “glass ceiling”. By allowing girls to participate in their own competition, the school is starting to break those social barriers of the past and offer new opportunities for students. Furthermore, Having “Miss Mustang” will allow Strongsville High School to promote gender equality. Empowering young women to put themselves out there is really important for society to embrace new social reforms and for women in particular to break that “glass ceiling” of the past.

    In order for a “Miss Mustang” competition to occur in future school years, Maya first needed a petition to show that there is student interest. Maya acquired more than the 100 required signatures. She is currently waiting to meet with the principal, Mr. Wingler, where she will present her case. From there, Mr Wingler will decide how to proceed with her proposal. If he agrees, we might see a “Miss Mustang” competition in the 2022-2023 school year. Maya’s petition has a lot of promise, and will hopefully be the start of a fantastic event. “It’s supposed to be fun,” Maya adds, “This wasn’t intended to be harsh or offensive, it was just to put the word out that some girls would like to participate.”