One Track Mind: “Everlong” by Foo Fighters

Meghan Lusky, Column Writer

     The Foo Fighters started back in 1994, and was created by Dave Grohl shortly after being the drummer for the band Nirvana. The band consists of Dave Grohl, Chris Shiflett, Nate Mendel, Taylor Hawkins, and Rami Jaffee. The Foo Fighters wrote songs such as The Pretender and  Times like These.  The song “Everlong” is off of The Color and The Shape album, which was released in 1997.  

     The song was written because they wanted to show the feeling of being connected to a certain person for so long that you not only like them physically and spiritually, but also harmonize together in life and feel comfortable around each other. 

     The lyric that repeats a couple of times is, “If everything could feel this real forever”.  I think this lyric repeats a lot because not everything is real or might turn out to be something else than what is originally said it would be. 

     This song has significant meaning to me because I have a lot of close friends that I could go to.  I have learned over the years that family isn’t always about your blood relatives, but the people you meet over the years that you find to be part of your family and they would teach you valuable lessons.  

     One of the lessons that you would learn that is in the song is “The only thing I’ll ask of you”.  This lyric means that family and friends don’t ask much of you, and you can always ask them for stuff that you need in return. The song has many different lessons or messages that people could take away from this song, while the original explanation of the song relates to being connected to a person for so long that you not only be connected with them physically and spiritually, but also harmonize together in life.