Crumbl Cookie Review

Gabriella Mathiellis, Reviewer

     Located on 16734 Royalton Rd, is the new Crumbl Cookies bakery. Available for delivery, pickup, shipping, and catering, this cookie joint is known for providing the freshest products to satisfy one’s sweet tooth. Additionally, Crumbl utilizes a rotating menu in which there are five new flavors each week that entice customers to walk back into their doors.

     From an employee’s perspective, the workplace environment is extremely welcoming. As they walk in, every worker is welcomed with the friendly phrase, “Hi, welcome to work!” Riya Patel, employee and senior at SHS, described her experience as “heartwarming,” and the management staff as “relaxed and extroverted.” The Strongsville location is also exceptionally organized and efficient with a wait time of only a few minutes.

     For the bakery to run smoothly, employees run several stations- separated by whether the cookies are served hot or cold. The cold cookies have their dough balled and placed into the freezer so that when it’s time to bake them, they are already prepared. After baking, the cold cookies are chilled, frosted, and served to customers. Comparatively, the warm cookies have the pre-made dough ready to place in the oven. After baking, the cookies are transferred to a warmer, followed by a cooler, to settle before being boxed and sold to consumers.

Review of Crumbl’s Cookies (4/25 Weekly Menu)

     Milk Chocolate Chip: Their most famous and popular product, Milk Chocolate Chip is the only cookie always available for purchase. This cookie had a perfect combination of dough and chocolate. The flavor was not overpowering, and the cookie was delicious. You can never go wrong with this classic cookie!

     Peanut Butter M&M: This cookie was served soft, and had the perfect consistency of peanut butter and M&Ms. If you are looking for a reliable classic, this is the one to purchase!

     Passion Fruit: If you like sweet, this is the cookie for you! This is a sweet, cold cookie topped with yellow passion fruit pearls. This dessert tastes better than any cookie I have ever eaten. This was by far my favorite cookie and I will be purchasing it again!

     Brownie Batter: This is the cookie for CHOCOLATE lovers! The entire middle tastes like gooey chocolate, and the exterior tastes like a warm brownie. What could be more enticing than that?

     Classic Oatmeal: If you are looking for a cookie that makes you feel nostalgic for the ones your grandmother used to make, get this one! The classic oatmeal cookie is a warm cookie topped with chewy granola that hits the spot any day.

     Confetti Cake: This cookie had a sweet base topped with a delicious cream cheese frosting and sprinkles. The cookie reminded me of a child’s birthday cake, and was mouthwatering!