The Future is Now

Luis Martsolf, Fashion Columnist

For this piece I will be meeting with students who push the status quo and blur the lines between fashion and identity. Comparing perspectives from forward thinking students, and open-minded teachers. We discussed how fashion has changed over the years, and where it’s headed in the future. Viewing clothing as a source of identity gives students an outlet of expression. It’s important to feel comfortable in what you wear and find confidence in a certain wardrobe. Moreover, in the age of social media, Strongsville students are able to pull inspiration from across the world. Though which factors seem to influence fashion most heavily? 

I talked with Ashlee Steinberger, known for her forward thinking makeup looks and creativity through clothing. I got insight on the state of fashion here in Strongsville and what direction it may be headed in. Ashlee is a great example of how fashion can be seen as an identity and viewed through different lenses. 


As Ashlee mentioned, even walking through the halls she is able to see how people make assumptions based on the clothes she is wearing. This is a powerful influence she has without taking almost any action at all. As you grow and develop, so will your confidence in clothing!

Strongsville is known for wearing brand name clothes without much thought into the details. High end, athletic-comfort wear with a price tag. Simple designs, high costs. This is a  sign of the times and represents the comfort-first fashion world in a post-covid era. Mrs. Rose, english teacher, gave some cool insight on how she has seen fashion progress at the highschool. She explained comparisons from the highschool to her hometown of Lakewood, Ohio, known for their gender fluid fashion sense. 

Mrs. Rose Interview

Mrs. Rose questioned how social media might influence the cultural shift in fashion for the new generation.  Similarly, I explained how large audiences are affected by social media platforms.  Overall, it is not  uncommon for teenagers to dress up specifically for online content, rather than bothering to hold the same standard in their clothing at school. 

Through my discussions, I was able to understand how certain outfits can accentuate certain features and ideas. One’s outfit can reflect their personality or mood on any given day. As you now know, social media has had a massive impact on the current state of fashion in Strongsville. It’s important for all students to remember that what you wear represents who you are. Clothes can be an identity and it’s important to utilize this tool in your everyday life.