2022-2023 SHS Polaris Student Ambassadors Earn Their Titles

Adrianna Kostyack, Writer

Leadership, diligence, and a strong worth ethic are a few of the many qualities necessary for one to act as a good leader in any field, and the newly elected 2022-2023 Polaris Career Center Student Ambassadors showcase them all. These students were selected to represent everything that Polaris works towards for its students based on their 95% or higher attendance, maintenance of a B or above in all Polaris classes, instructor recommendation, lack of excessive tardiness, and good discipline. 

The Student Ambassadors will work towards recruiting new members for Polaris and represent the career center with professionalism and pride. New Polaris Student Ambassador Sarah Rider, Cosmetology, explains, “Whether it be Open Houses, or tours, we are the faces representing Polaris.” Through their determination and leadership, the Student Ambassadors will help guide their peers, as well. “Being a Polaris Ambassador means more than being a representative. It means being a part of the school and showing that you are willing to dedicate so,” Lynda Stricko, EMT/Fire, elaborates. 

Overall, Polaris is a great organization that provides its students with numerous invaluable opportunities and experiences. As stated by Catherine Springer, Cosmetology, “My experience at Polaris has been nothing but extremely professional and a terrific environment for learning. The people are friendly and the teachers are always willing to help with anything.” Congratulations to all our SHS Polaris Student Ambassadors!