Dean Upholzer Golf

Isaac Zabarsky, Journalist

After being struck by clubs, golf balls whiz through the air at incredible speeds down the fairway toward a small hole in the ground. While this seems like a simple concept, the sport of golf truly is a wondrous and skillful game, with players having to practice their skills for years. Dean Upholzer, the winner of the Michigan State University Tournament at Forest Akers, has been playing since he was five. Growing up, he was on the Jr. PGA League Team, US Kids Golf Tour, Hurricane Junior Golf Tour, and Northern Ohio Junior PGA Team. He has played in tournaments of every kind, facing some of the best players at these tournaments. Dean is now a junior at Strongsville High and competes on the boys golf team and participates in outside tournaments.

The tournament Dean most recently played in was the Michigan State University tournament at Forest Akers as part of the GolfWeek junior tour. The tournament included 16-19 boys competing from the midwest. “While the tournament and the win were not affiliated with the school,” Dean explains, “I carried my Strongsville golf bag to represent my city and school.”After a long day of golf, he won first place. This was his first win for GolfWeek and his first win with two consecutive rounds under par. Additionally, he shot ten birdies and, for the two day tournament, scored four under par.

Golf truly has been a passionate part of Dean’s life. Ever since he was five, he has been practicing and working to become a better golfer. He enjoys the game and loves the athletic workout. He testifies,“I like the constant grind . . . and you can never perfect the game. Golf tests mental strength, dedication, and commitment.” Golf is a difficult sport, with factors like golf clubs, wind, and ground terrain affecting play on the course. Dean Upholzer has truly been an incredible golf player and represents the pride of Strongsville with his every stroke.