Elite Class of Athletes at Strongsville: Current Collegiate Commitments

Julia Isham

Embracing the pain and enduring the hard parts of a sport; separates the average athlete from an Elite Athlete. Strongsville High School is known for producing many Elite Athletes that not only excel athletically, but also academically. Among those “ Elite,” are Colby Alexander who ran Cross Country and Track for The University of Oregon and is now a professional runner sponsored by Adidas. In addition, Matt Cornelius also currently runs Track for The University of Notre Dame, Blake Miller currently plays Football for Clemson, and Coley Sidloski who currently plays Soccer for The Ohio State University. The Elite Student-Athletes at Strongsville High are fierce competitors in the classroom and on the fields, courts, track, etc. Because of their drive and fierencess, they earn many athletic and academic scholarships which allows them opportunities at D1 institutions. The Class of 2023 and 2024, has already had a handful of athletes commit to prestigious schools and look to continue to excel in their studies and athletic performances at the schools they have committed to. Furthermore, the “Elite Class of Athletes at Strongsville” is a segment of the Sports section,  aimed towards highlighting and congratulating the student-athletes who have earned “Elite” status through performances, actions, awards, and in this case, committing to a college for their athletics as well as academics. Proceeding is a list of quotes and pictures from Current Collegiate Commits at Strongsville High School:


Mackenzie Shulz (Senior- Basketball)

“My name is Mackenzie Schulz. I am playing Basketball at the University of Findlay! I am most looking forward to getting to know my teammates and compete at a high level. I chose Findlay because I really loved the basketball program, especially the girls and the coaches that recruited me. I also got to know a handful of the professors in the business school and I was really impressed with the education and resources that they will provide for their students. Go Oilers!”









Josie Owen-Kren (Junior- Soccer)

“I play soccer and I’m committed to the University of Michigan to continue my education and playing career. I am most excited for Thursday night games under the lights at the Michigan Soccer Stadium. It’s such an amazing environment and I’m so excited to get the opportunity to play there in the future! I chose Michigan because the soccer program is becoming very good and because of the exceptional academics the University offers.”















Kennedy Griffin (Senior- Gymnastics)

“Hi my name is Kennedy Griffin and I am currently a senior at Strongsville High School and will be attending the University of Missouri to compete on their gymnastics team. As the time for officially attending Mizzou counts down, I am most looking forward to building lasting bonds with the gymnasts and coaches along with competing at a high level, top 5 nationally ranked team. I chose the University of Missouri because of the welcoming coaches and gymnasts who are willing to continuously improve, not only their gymnastics, but also their academics and everyday life. Mizzou truly feels like home for me and the provided academic support and beautiful campus were the cherries on top.”














Haley Hightower (Senior- Soccer)

“I will be playing soccer at Ashland University and I am most looking forward to meeting new people and making lifelong memories. I chose Ashland because the campus is beautiful and the school has a really good reputation, plus the soccer program is great!”














Abby Kudla (Junior- Soccer)

“Hi my name is Abby Kudla and I play soccer as a goalkeeper. During my collegiate career, I am most looking forward to all of the life long connections that I will make and the high level of competition that I will be playing at. I know that being a student athlete will definitely be a challenge going into college, but I feel that with the support of the community down in Memphis and in Strongsville I will be able to do it. The community down in Memphis is definitely one of the reasons why I chose to go to the University. The coaches and university staff are all really supportive of you, not just as a player, but as a person. They also take pride in their soccer program and their accomplishments.They also take their academics seriously, as well as the level of hard work you put into everything. I am extremely blessed and proud to be a part of such an amazing community, program, and school. Go Tigers!!”














Taylor Demerlee (Senior-Soccer)

“I will be playing soccer and I am really looking forward to making new friendships and continuing my soccer career onto the next level. I chose Cleveland State because I loved the atmosphere every time I went there and the coach was very welcoming.”














Ainsley Witte (Senior- Lacrosse)

“I’m playing lacrosse at Ashland University and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to play at a higher level and forming new bonds with my teammates. I chose Ashland because it felt like home and checked all of my boxes. They also have really good tomato soup on Fridays.”