Little Me

Sydney Range

Sometimes it seems I do everything for little me

The one who thought of those dreams in the first place

Now you can’t even find a trace of her

What happened? Where’d she go?

I thought she would continue to thrive and grow

Why did that monster let her die?

What did she do to deserve that gift?

I would have much rather gone then stayed

That would be perfect

To waste away into an abyss of nothingness

YES! That’s it! That is what I want

I promise I won’t forget my place again

I won’t act as if I know everything

I’ll be your marionette on those ungodly strings

I’m too afraid to break away ever since that day

You stole my soul

My joy

Now I’m just an empty shell

Locked in your prison cell 

I will not doubt you again

How dare I try

Guess that’s what I deserved for trying to fly