Minimal Wear

Luis Martsolf


Minimal fits can be seen in many different forms. In this piece I will be viewing silhouettes, and how stripping down the unnecessary can improve your style. Minimalism can be seen all around us through basic shapes and colors. Minimalist wear is about fine tuning your own personal style only to what you need. Find the essentials and rock with them. 

Minimalist doesn’t have to be monotone. Keep it colorful and versatile. It’s said to be the key to a happier and more sustainable life. Minimalist looks serve as a timeless source of inspiration. I interviewed some Strongsville students on how to                                                           achieve the minimalist approach.

 Who is your style Inspiration

“I like how unique Kanye and Lil Nas x’s style is, like I dont be wearing dresses but he has some cool out of the box stuff he wears and same with Kanye.” Uriah Williams

  Where do you like to shop for minimal wear               “My top 3 right now are probably aritzia, a&f, and aelfric eden”. Vivian  Yu


What is your favorite piece during fall


  “My favorite clothing piece during fall is jeans. I feel like jeans have a classic look  that can go with almost any look or aesthetic which makes them most  versatile. They’re also great for when it gets colder to  keep warm.” Joey Dimmachia