Teacher only coffee/cafe shop

Isaac Zabarsky, Journalist

A hot, fresh espresso is a great way to start the day! For Strongsville High School teachers, acquiring a delicious cup of coffee has become easier due to the renovations done in the special education department. This department is run by Ms Leonard, Mrs. Griffen, Mrs. McDevitt, and Mr. Frederick. The coffee bar and renovated apartment studio room, a project that started three years ago, has recently been completed. Teachers are now able to order a coffee delivery or come up to the window for a cup to-go. In addition, the renovations included upgrades to the apartment studio, which now has a bedroom, kitchen, washer and dryer, television, and the coffee bar. This room is adjacent to the main hallway of the school.

Apart from allowing teachers easier access to their favorite caffeinated beverages, this new room also allows the special education students to have a truly unique learning experience. “They put in new cabinets and a new floor. It has been very wonderful and functional for students,” describes Ms Leonard. In the mock studio apartment, the students learn life skills through experience. They get to cook, make the bed, clean, and serve coffee. Learning these independent living skills prepares them for life after graduation. The students love the new room and they especially enjoy getting to interact with all the teachers who order coffee.

Overall, the coffee bar and renovated apartment room have given the students new opportunities and have positively impacted their school. All of the teachers enjoy the new coffee bar, and more teachers order coffee than in the past. In addition, the special ed teachers are very happy with the renovations and are thrilled to work with their students in a brand new room. Ms. Leonard comments, “We started building it about three years ago, and then the flood took it all away. It has been a blessing in disguise because we got a brand new everything in there.” The special education department at Strongsville High School has been growing in the last few years and has found exciting ways to keep students with disabilities engaged and included.