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Artificial Intelligence

Sixty years ago, artificial intelligence was possible only in science fiction. Now, it has been integrated into our daily lives, from voice assistants like Siri to algorithms that recommend personalized content on social media. AI is gradually becoming more influential. Many are wondering – how is AI going to change our daily lives, and how will our approach to simple tasks adapt? 


In July of 2022, an AI image generation software named DALL-E was released. It allowed users to input a prompt and DALL-E would create an image using AI. This is when some people say AI started to get advanced. Later that year, ChatGPT, an advanced AI chatbot, was released. ChatGPT could create and interpret code, translate text, simplify complex topics, and more. But, it is also able to do school work easily, creating a controversy surrounding AI. It can write essays, solve complex equations, do research, and complete other tasks that would usually take more time. This could result in students not learning as much as they would if they did not use AI.


Although this is not too great for regulating cheating in classrooms, I feel there is a possibility that ChatGPT and other AI could be used (within reason) for educational purposes. If you ever need assistance on homework, you could use it. If you need an outline for an essay, you could use this. Even with this, it still isn’t acceptable to cheat, or have AI outright do your work for you.


I have a good feeling that this type of software can change the world, although we still have a long way to go until it is fully polished. There are other AI chatbots out there, such as Google’s Bard or Microsoft’s Bing AI that can sometimes generate false information,  provide no sources, and are still not great resources. Make sure to do your own research before you completely trust AI. AIcould get better in the future, but it is still not perfect. Although, AI is a great thing that still has so much potential. If we just give it some time, it can get smarter and make our lives even better by exposing us to new knowledge and making simple tasks smarter.

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