SHS Annual Craft Fair


Joseph Putrino IV

The annual craft fair at SHS is back in full swing! This year the craft fair was spread across both the main gym and the secondary auxiliary gym allowing for over 20 vendors to be able to showcase and sell their crafty items. Surprisingly enough Mrs. Giaimo was back at Strongsville High School with her very own craft stand! Besides Mrs. Giaimo’s unique craft stand which featured many wreaths, there were so many other cool stands. There was a stand in the front gym with an interesting ornament featuring a hand drawing of “Jack Skellington” from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. The ornament was reminiscent of The Nightmare Before Christmas, the movie The Lantern will be hosting at the Strongsville High School’s December to Remember Movie Night. Outside of the gyms were numerous tables with many different types of basket raffle prizes.

The event couldn’t have been possible without Strongsville High School’s very own cheerleading team who volunteered on a Saturday morning to help carry out the event smoothly. This year’s event was on a much larger scale compared to past years because of the large number of people who came to sell and purchase crafts in support of the cheer team. In the eyes of the cheer team, the 2022 SHS Craft Fair was a major success that raised a huge amount of funds beneficial for the cheer team.