Cool Weather, Hot Outfits

Managing Ohio’s ever-changing weather with style.

Luis Martsolf, Fashion Columnist

The mission of this column is to highlight students at Strongsville that are pushing boundaries in fashion. I’m able to see how peers express themselves and their ideas through clothing. Everyone interprets fashion differently and we can analyze what influences style in 21st century Ohio. It is important to understand that clothing can be subjective; as youth today it’s essential to rewrite the dress standards in modern society. 

As the chilling weather carries on through the Midwest, students of Strongsville must layer up by any means necessary. Winter may be a slow and occasionally boring time, here in Ohio, however this time stuck indoors gives us our grit, and leads us to reach our most creative output. Wearing unique outfits can be done year-round, though during the Winter season one is really able to utilize layering and functionality to create cool fits. For this piece I will be talking with students that embrace the bundle and set new standards through their clothes. 

Since we live in Ohio, the best way to accommodate the weather is with proper gear. I noticed how students found creative ways to layer up and stay warm in style. “I really like styling during the winter because my whole styling is layers. It just fits in with winter because it keeps you comfortable and keeps you warm.” says Tony, a freshman at Strongsville.

Cool and comfortable is a look that is tough to accomplish. Although with valid styling and layers, anyone can make a comfy-clothes look complete.

“Cool weather, Hot outfits” is all about making the most of wintertime here in Ohio. Many students and teachers alike remark the 3rd quarter as a “black hole” of time that seems to never end. However, I believe fashionable outfits can spark inspiration and influence a positive mindset during times of boredom. 

Tony was sporting a long sleeve brown undershirt, graphic Korn t-shirt from his brother, with pants and belt from Hot Topic. Clothing is able to convey a person’s personality and even advocate for their ideas.

Now winter isn’t all bad in Ohio… It’s our job as teenagers to make the most of any situation. This could mean online shopping or visiting fun thrift stores like Flower Child in Lakewood. Holidays and special events give us something to look forward to and opportunities to show our creative side. I talked with 11th grader, Grace, about the highs and lows of dressing in the negatives. “So I’m wearing a Valentine’s Day inspired outfit, I have a sweater from the kids section of Old Navy, Levi’s rib cage straight ankle jeans and I have a heart ring on this finger with gold to match the earrings.” This highlights how outfits are able to evoke emotions and start conversations. 

Unfortunately, the chilly season has some drawbacks for casual dressers. The love-hate relationship with bundling up can be pretty evident for some. “I’m a summer person, I like to just wear shirts and shorts all the time. A huge problem is having to take a sweater or coat with you all the time.” Grace remarked.

As we trudge through the unforgiving winter season; the goal is to stay entertained and stimulated as much as possible. I understand that not every individual’s output may be fashion at the highschool. However, it is important to highlight the context behind the fits we enjoy in the hallway everyday.