Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly, 

beautiful and quick, 

you appear out of nowhere.

In a new place,

you settle,

meet the bees down the flower patch.

By nightfall,

you  pack up  

time to move on. 

Fly up, 

fall down,


fly back up. 

Where you’ll go,

not one knows,

not even you. 

You know you’re responding to a pull,

to a voice calling you, 

pack and move on. 

Only when the voice leaves,

do you know,

you are home. 

How long does it take?

Should you answer the call? 

Is it even worth it?

For the second you answer,

and settle down,

you are gone.

You now only answer,

to that light,

it pulls your spirit upwards.

Fly up,

fall down,


fly back  up.