What is PBIS?


Navya Chauhan, Journalist

Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) is a curriculum designed to cultivate the education system. According to the Center on PBIS website, the three tiered-framework improves “social emotional competence, academic success, and the school climate” by creating a “positive, predictable, equitable, and safe learning environment.”

PBIS centers around the following five elements: equity, systems, data, practices, and outcomes. The program focuses on creating student leadership groups to accurately fulfill the needs of all students. Schools are highly encouraged to provide coaching and training on topics such as collaboration for personnel. Classrooms use data-based strategies to support students’ growth, such as the technique of creating predictable environments in classrooms. Within the program, data is taken at periodic intervals to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the learning system to achieve positive outcomes of behavioral, social, emotional, and academic growth. Using these key elements, schools are able to function at their best level and provide the highest standard of education.

To emphasize the five elements, a three tiered framework is used. The Tier One part of the program supports all schools in all settings. This portion of the curriculum utilizes teachers by “acknowledging appropriate behavior, defining school expectations, and responding instructionally to unwanted behavior”(Center on PBIS). Tier Two focuses on supporting students who are at risk of developing serious behavioral problems before they occur by implementing group interventions. Lastly, Tier Three addresses dangerous, highly disruptive behavior that creates barriers in education for other students. To combat this issue, schools use individualized multidisciplinary teams to positively reinforce behavior while preventing unwanted behavior. These three tiers help schools deal appropriately with students’ behaviors to achieve the best possible outcome for all students in multiple areas of growth.

At Strongsville High School, PBIS is used to celebrate the majority of the students that do not normally get acknowledged in school. One of the many programs implemented in Strongsville is the “Celebrate the Moment” cards that students get for acts of kindness. During an interview with Brian Edmonds, a member of the PBIS Team, he describes the “kid-like joy” that appears on the rewarded students’ faces. After receiving a card, the student is then called down to the principal’s office and given an award. Through PBIS, Strongsville High School addresses both the behavioral issues and the exceptional behavior of students. 

By implementing Positive Behavior Interventions and Support Strongsville is establishing a healthy school culture, increasing student engagement, empowering students, reducing racial inequities in discipline, and reducing teacher burnout to improve the climate of the school.


To learn more visit: https://www.pbis.org/

To learn more about PBIS at Strongsville, talk to Eric Kassel