Small Businesses in COVID: Music Workshop, Inc

Navya Chauhan, Journalist

The spread of Covid-19 has completely changed the way that people function in their day-to-day lives. Some of the people that have suffered the most in our community are local small businesses. Small businesses make up the foundation of the nation’s economy, and according to the U.S. Small Business Administration, they “create two-thirds of net new jobs.” Unlike the stability of big corporations, small businesses rely on their community to generate their income. During the international pandemic, the government enforced rules to prevent the spread of coronavirus, putting more restrictions on the already unstable businesses. To maintain their income, and continue to plow on during the hard times, these businesses have had to be innovative and unique in how they provide their services or products while also meeting CDC Guidelines.

For Music Workshop, Inc, a small business in Strongsville, Ohio, the transition between normal life and the new normal has required them to be creative during these unique times. The business offers instrument sales and rentals, sheet music and books, instrument repairs, and music lessons. For Susan Huzcai, the owner of Music Workshop, “finding new ways to reach [her] clients and students has been a priority” during these difficult times, and she had to use unconventional ways to stay open.

 Previous to Covid-19, Music Workshop taught all their classes in person and had customers buying their products. The arrival of the pandemic changed all that. During the early days of coronavirus, the small business was not allowed to be open at all, and even when the restrictions decreased, they had to meet CDC guidelines by buying sanitizing supplies and plexiglass. Huszai had to switch to virtual lessons to be able to continue teaching her students and had to overcome the difficulties that came with using technology. During an interview with Susan Huszai, she said that “learning to use technology to teach lessons was initially a challenge.” However, it was a challenge that she was able to overcome and now continues to teach students online and in-person. 

During these unprecedented times, it should always be a goal to help out others in the community, especially those who rely on the income from their local business. In order to help small businesses, whenever you have a chance, make sure to shop local.


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Strongsville, Ohio. 44149


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Jonathan Iwamasa